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Health Benefits

AFT + has introduced the Limited Supplemental Medical Plan (LSMP), a new voluntary benefit designed specifically for AFT members and eligible dependents who are looking for alternative methods to help pay for their healthcare costs.

Limited Supplemental Medical Plan is a reimbursement program offering a combination of limited medical benefits and a fully insured prescription plan for generic drugs. There are no pre-existing condition limitations, no deductibles, no coordination with other health insurance plans and no medical underwriting.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is pleased to offer its members limited benefit medical insurance from Symetra Life Insurance Company. These offerings are designed to provide limited benefit medical coverage for those who usually go without medical insurance — part-time, hourly, seasonal and temporary workers; it can also be used to supplement other medical insurance. Within the two plans being offered, benefits can include doctor’s office visits, X-rays and hospital stays — and can be extended to eligible dependents. An additional feature is the prescription drug benefit that provides generic drugs for a $10 co-pay (30-day supply).

Why You should enroll

Coverage under this program is not minimized by prerequisites or other requirements. For example, there are:

*No preexisting condition limitations

*All preexisting health conditions are accepted

*No required networks

*You may see the medical provider of your choice

*No deductibles

*Benefits for covered medical events are effective once the policy is activated

*No restrictions with other insurance plans

*Claims are paid regardless of any other coverage you may have

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is limited to AFT members in good standing who are actively at work and permanent residents of the United States. There is no minimum requirement on the number of hours one must work in order to be eligible.

Please contact USI Affinity at 888-423-8700 for complete eligibility details.

* Select Benefits is insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company,

777 108th Avenue
Suite 1200
, Bellevue, WA98004. For costs and complete details contact USI
Affinity at 888-423-8700.

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